Review: Apple Bobbing

Hi Everybody,

This review is on Apple Bobbing which was made by AFawcett.  Apple Bobbing is a simple game for a starter on Scratch.  Some Scratchers could write down the codes for it without downloading it to look at the code.  Apple Bobbing is a very simple game, but before people say, “Its so basic,” I would like to add that Scratch is a simple program and was not just made for the biggest games such as Cube World and all the other BIG games. Apple bobbing lets you click on the apple to bite it. After tem bites, you win a treat (I’m not going to tell you what it is, so go and find out). Here is a picture:



So go and try it, but first read this, the final review:

(please note that half smile is deliberate)

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November 10, 2008 at 7:14 pm 4 comments

Review: Chop Shop

Hi Everybody,

This review is on Chop Shop which is another front page hit from m44.  Recently, I reviewed his “Munity” game, which was the highest rated game ever on Scratch Reviews.  Chop shop is the biggest scroller on Scratch yet.  It is bigger and better than Archknight‘s Adventure.  Anyway, Chop Shop is the biggest game on Scratch yet.  As I said, it is the biggest scroller, with the most HD Graphics ever!  Here is an image:


Lets see what m44’s fans have to say, shall we?:

WolfDemon – “It Rocks!”
Textgal – “Awesome, I love the music.”
JediPloKoon – “This is one of the best games on Scratch.”
yo_dev – “Sweet.”
antman76 – “Greatest game on Scratch.”

So here is the final review:


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November 9, 2008 at 9:15 am 2 comments

Presidential Election Result

Hi Everybody,

I know this is off topic, but Barrack Obama has won the election, to celebrate, here is a video:

(no offence is meant by this video, Scratch Reviews did not make this video, and so is not responsible if it is considered innapropriate)

Enjoy It,

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Review: Blobland

Hi Everybody,

This review is on Blobland which was made by ashowiscool.  Blobland is one of the funnest games you can play that has never made the front page.  Blobland lets you control a blob and you use the arrow keys to cross from one side of the screen to the other, but sometimes the crontrols mix around, so the Up Arrow would move you Left, the Down Arrow would move you Right, the Left Arrow would move you Down, and the Right Arrow would move you Up.  Sometimes the blob changes direction with the arrow keys, and moves forward with the Up Arrow!  Lets see a picture:



There is not much more to say, so here is the final review:

(please note that half smile is deliberate)


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Review: Harvest Moon Vs. Team Sonic

Hi Everybody,

This review is on Harvest Moon Vs. Team Sonic by RyanMan13.  This isn’t really a game, its just an interactive video.  Its not everybody’s cup of tea.  Its like a Pokemon Battle except its Harvest Moon Vs. Team Sonic, but Sonic isn’t in it.  Nomatter what moves you chose throughout the game, the same storyline goes on.  Here is an image:

There isn’t much more to say, except for that it got FEATURED!  Anyway, here is the final review:

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Review: ScratchPad

Hi Everybody,

This review is on ScipioBellorum‘s ScratchPad.  ScratchPad is a text writer that has the most stunning effects that any project in Scratch could ever have.  Just take a look at the logo:

ScratchPad is 100% Glitch Free and lets you type as fast as you want.  You can open two pages, and save your work in each one, then when you restart the project, they are still saved!  The project includes symbols to enter in too!  The only dissapointing this is that there is only lower-case letters allowed.  There should be a caps lock button that changes the lower-case to upper-case.  There could also be more symbols (such as ‘?’ and ‘!’).  Here is a snapshot:


Most people agree this is good by saying, ‘This is really good.’ and ‘Nice Job.’!  Well here is the final review:

(please note that the half smile is deliberate)

Thanks for reading,

November 2, 2008 at 8:18 pm 4 comments

Review: T-Zine

Hi Everybody,

This review is on T-Zine, which was made by Herey.  T-Zine is a Scratch Newspaper which has the most unusual song that gets in your head!  It has a very neat introduction, where the letters that spell ‘T-Zine’ shuffle around and then form the logo which floats to the corner where it remains for the rest of the project.  T-Zine is a good newspaper that has a great ‘Next Page’ button which allows you to navigate your way through different pages.  It’s quite neat, and when you click a certain button, a list of each page pops up and you can quickly jump to a page.


Here is what the viewers think:

Paddle2See – ”This is great! A very clean look and easy to navigate. I really like the how-to sections!”
IrishMan – ”Nice and neat, if this gets popular, the other newspapers will be forgotten about.”
ScipioBellorum – ”I like the games in it, but they should be in a seperate project.”
Swasswa – ”Awesome!”
Jangozing – ”Its so cool.”
MohamedSadek – ”Good Project.”


Lets see what the author says, shall we?:

Herey – ”Maybe I’ll make a seperate game (this was said to ScipioBellorum), you can remix it and make it into your own game if you want to!”


Here is the final review:

Thanks for reading,

November 2, 2008 at 8:01 pm Leave a comment

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