Review: 3D Shooting Skydiving

Hi Everybody,

This review is on JWB101‘s 3D Shooting Skydiving.  In this game, you must score as much points as you can by shooting targets while skydiving.  It is great fun, and there is even a High Score Board in the project notes.  The graphics and layout are clean and efficient, and its a great game.  Here is an image:


Lets see what the Scratchers who played this though:

Notnuts – ”Nice Game!”.
CrazyGamerC – ”I love it!”


And the authors comment was:

JWB101 – ”This is addicting.”


This is the Final Review:

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Review: BYSTOP 8

Hi Everybody,

This review is on BYSTOP 8 by alexpja.  BYSTOP 8 is an Operating System made in Scratch.  The beginning of the project has a loading menu, which could use a bit more detail, but it works well enough.  The Desktop is perfectly neat and tidy, and the only dissapointing thing about it is the background which does not fit in.  This could be improved in a Version 2.  The applications on the project are:

Music Player – Listen to the song ‘United States’.

Internet Explorer – When opened, it tells you there is no internet connection, so there is nothing to do here.

There is also a shutdown button which gives a black screen with some text saying, ‘Click the Green Flag to reboot computer’.  Anyway, here are some images:


Here is the overall review:

(the half smile is deliberate)

Enjoy using it,

November 1, 2008 at 9:31 pm 3 comments

Review: Scratchsoft Word

Hi Everybody,

This review is on AAAAAwinnerGLT‘s project, ‘Scratchsoft Word‘.  Scratchsoft Word is a sort of ‘Wordpad’ or ‘Open Office Writer’.  But Scratchsoft Word does not work well for people who are fast typers.  You have to wait a quarter of a second before you can press another key.  But if you are a slow typer, you can manage it, but you might have to make one or two pauses.  Here is one thing that needs to be fixed:

See, there is a large space between where the bar is and where the letters are placed, but its not that much of a bother, you can manage to figure out where the letters will go.

But enough of my jibber-jabber, lets see what Scratchers think:

Archmage – ”If you type too fast it messes up.”
Paddle2See – ”Nice, the delete is working flawlessly.”
Rockodude8 – ”There should be a question mark button.”
Axel600 – ”Awesome.”

So there are some good and bad comments from fellow Scratchers, but lets see what the author says, shall we?:

AAAAAwinnerGLT – ”Well, this is not my last version, I will add a v3 soon.  I will try to fix the typing fast glitch, but I am new to Scratch typing programs.”


Here is the final review:

Thanks for reading,

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The Votes have been counted!

Hi Everybody,

The votes are in, and 67% of people vote ‘Yes, you should be more serious’!  So the site is going back to normal, and I am going to me more harsh on the reviews!

I will update soon,

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Now Reviews are getting serious!

Hi Everybody,

Tonnes of Scratch Review readers are complaining because I am too easy going, so they want me to be a bit more serious.  Vote below about what you think and I might get more serious:

Thanks for voting (every vote counts),

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Review: Mutiny

Hi Everybody,

This review is on Mutiny by m44.  Mutiny is an original Nitrome game, but m44’s version is much better.  It works at perfect speed, while Nitrome’s is very fast moving and the graphics are too strong and flashy.  The best thing about m44’s version is that it is the best scroller on Scratch, and it is a 2D Version of the PlayStation game, ‘Worms’.  It has the best way of scrolling I have ever seen, and the way your player moves is just fantastic.  One of my favorite things is the Main Menu.  And another brilliant thing would be the explosion effects.  Anyway, there is lots more to say, but here is a snapshot:


This is the #1 Scratch Project to play, m44 should be really proud.  The games popularity is accelerating almost as fast as Cube World’s popularity, but Mutiny will definitely reach the level of Cube World.  This is the final review:

Go, play it now,

October 30, 2008 at 9:28 pm 2 comments

Project Vote

Hi Everybody,

So, the first while has gone by and the site is working prettey well.  So far I have reviewed:

…And I have been quite satisfied with each one of them.  But, what do you think of them?  Vote below for what was your favorite project, and what was your least favorite.  Comment and tell everybody what your favorite was and what your least favorite was (if you own one of the projects, you cannot comment that as your favorite/least favorite)!

Please Comment,

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